Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Problem Description:
Using SQL*Net v2.0 on Unix, you are starting the tnslsnr using the syntax:
% lsnrctl start
You get: TNS-01201: Listener cannot find executable //bin/oracle for SID [SID] where is an actual operating system pathname.

Solution Description:
Where does the file listener.ora reside?
- If it is not in /etc (or /var/opt/oracle), $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin or $TNS_ADMIN, set TNS_ADMIN to point to the correct directory or move the files to the appropriate place.

If the listener.ora is in the correct location, what is the actual path of $ORACLE_HOME, and the path specified by ORACLE_HOME in the listener.ora?
- Most likely these two values will not match; ORACLE_HOME in the listener.ora file must be set to the correct value.
In the listener.ora file, under the description for SID_DESC, there is the parameter ORACLE_HOME= as follows:
(ORACLE_HOME=) <<<< This is the entry ) )

The error TNS-01201 indicates that the specified for ORACLE_HOME is incorrect.
It may indicate typographical errors, incorrect case, or missing directories in the path to ORACLE_HOME.

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