Friday, April 10, 2009

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kkdliac()

Create or Replace view as select may fail with the following error

ORA-07445: Exception aufgetreten: CORE Dump [kkdliac()+72] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to
object] [0x000000004] [] []

Call stack:

ksedmp ssexhd sigacthandler kkdliac cvwdrv opiexe opiosq0 opiall0 opial7 opiodr ttcpip

To be seeing this bug the following must be true:
1. A core dump is seen in kkdliac() during a create or alter view operation
2. The view would have been compiled with compilation errors
3. The select list is of the form: (select-list-item(s)), (table).*

ORA-07445 [kkdliac] error reported while creating or altering the view using "Create.. as Select"
due to Bug 2678804. Bug is fixed in 11g RDBMS version.

Executing a "CREATE .. FORCE VIEW" against a non-existent table might core
dump if the select list contains (table).* where table is the
non-existent table and another select list item precedes the (table).* entry.

To avoid this error

1) Create the view without compilation errors, like avoid creating a view against a non-existent table, and

2) Use the complete column names in select list, instead of "table_name.*"

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