Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Transport Tablespace and Re-mapping Schemas/Datafiles/Tablespaces 10gR2 (

Recently i tried to do an impdp using the remap_schema,remap_tablespace and remap_datafiles along with the transport_datafiles.

This action hits BUG:6989875 which causes Data Pump Worker process (DW) to hang when using paramter REMAP_DATAFILE. Also specifying REMAP_DATAFILE during a datapump import job when also specifying TRANSPORT_DATAFILES is not allowed, according to Metalink Note: 762160.1

This BUG is fix in 11.2 Release.

The workaround is the only legal way to do the desired renaming of the datafiles:

If you need to use a different filename for the imported tablespace simply copy or rename the affected datafile before starting the import using cp or mv commands for unix. Then in the TRANSPORT_DATAFILES parameter use the new file names.

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