Monday, July 18, 2011

Restoring Voting Disk and OCR files from backup 10gR2

Use the info from the following post to identify or take a backup of the Voting Disk (CSS File) and OCR:

As oracle user from one node :
$srvctl stop database -d db_name
$svrctl stop asm -n node_name
$srvctl stop nodeapps -n node_name

On each node:
$emctl stop dbconsole
#crsctl stop crs

From one node :

For the voting disk oracle do:

Copy the backup to the voting diks locations and set the correct permissions
Use dd if your are in raw devices or simply cp if you are using cluster file system.


dd if=your_backup_file of=/dev/raw/css

cp -p my_css_backup_file /my_css_mount_point/my_css_backup_file

For the OCR File as root do :
If you are on cluster filesystem then you must create an empty file first with correct permissions
touch /ocr_location_mount/ocr_filename
chown root.oinstall /ocr_location_mount/ocr_filename

Then restore from last system backup or use your latest dumpfile
ocrconfig -restore backup00.ocr
backup00.ocr : Is the last auto backup on $ORA_CRS_HOME/cdata/[cluster_name] the default autobackup configuration location on local disks on all nodes

ocrconfig -import /your_ocr_last_dump_file

Start the crs :

crsctl start crs

Watch to see if all cluster servcies are up and functional !!!

Things to notice : 
If you try this for full cluster restore then you must remember the directories ownerhips
For the css file the owner is oracle and for the ocr is root.

References :
Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2), Chapter 3 : Administering Oracle Clusterware Components.

Metalink Note IDs: 1092293.1, 953914.1

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