Monday, March 19, 2012

Oracle Golden Gate

Hi all,

I would like to start a discussion through my blog about Golden Gate.
Is this tool something that deserves to be learned ?
Please post opinions , experience , tips and trick sources , docs everything !!!

Check the comments for updates !!


  1. Hi Agis

    Ofcourse. Golden Gate is a new tool that allow the migration between different oracle versions and it is transparent regarding the OS. You can use it also as a disaster recovery solution.

  2. here is some info about golden gate

  3. here is the first book for the golden gate

    the Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's guide

  4. Thanks a lot Panos ... I will put them in the post.

  5. Got the good document for Golden Gate...If possible can someone provide me the link for Oracle Apps basics document...